sofa covers ikea 7

sofa covers ikea 7
image sofa covers ikea 7
image sofa covers ikea 7

ReCover your sofa with a beautiful replacement cover for your discontinued IKEA sofa. Our custom sofa covers are kids & pet friendly, with 2 year guarantee. We build replacement covers for many current and discontinued IKEA sofa models. Our beautiful slipcovers are all handmade, machine washable and super durable with a minimum of 25,000 rub counts.  Choose from a selection of premium linens, 100% cottons, natural blends, heavy duty, soft velvet and our bycast leathers - whatever floats your boat. You might want to get fabric samples first! Don't see your sofa in the list? We can build one from scratch; click: Custom Sofa Slipcover

I found this review on pinterest and am so glad I was looking for Ektorp Sofa. We are about to purchase two loves seats this weekend, and my husband is quite unsure about it. He loves the ugly one that we have, but I hate it! I have been trying to convince him that with the dogs, a sofa from Ikea is the best way to go. I spent over $100 on a Surefit Slip cover, and it just does’t fit properly on our sofa, and it always gets mussed when w sit on the sofa. Witht he Ektorp, we don’t have to worry about the slip cover not fitting. And because we have dogs–who are ALWAYS on the sofa (they are family afterall), I was glad to hear that the covers still look good with dog slobber and whatever else bring to the sofa. We are getting the white because I want a bright living room. Everything is so dark right now and its depressing. Fantastic review! I wrote down some of your pros & cons so that I can work my magic on hubby

I have the couch and the two matching chairs. I have 3 boys and we move every two years with the military, The first set we had for 7 years before the padding smooshed down too much and then we bought the exact same set of couch and chairs again from Ikea. I wash my covers and I have 2 sets of covers to alternate. I will not buy anything more expensive till we are done moving and are kids are older. They are great for the price and quality. The couch and two chairs have been the perfect size for our ever changing size of our living rooms we get when we move. I agree completely with your review. What I like the most, Ikea will occasionally come out with a new color or texture for the covers so it is fun to change it up every once in a while. And I also like when I wash the covers and put them back on my house smells all fresh, which is good because usually it just smells like boys. I too continue to pray you will have that stinky boy or nice girl smell in your home one day.

Hello, I found you by doing a search for reviews of jute rugs and then saw the reviews of the Ektorp. We must be separated at birth! I love the look of your home. It seems similar to mine. I have the exct same sofa and rug from Rugs USA. First of all, I LOVE my Ektorp. I have had mine for one year and have washed it 2-3 times. We are retired but have two very rowdy and grubby grandkids who think sofas are climbing equipment and shoes are required. Most of the time, if they get some dirt on the sofa, I just wpe it off with a damp cloth and it either goes away completely or it is faded enough until the next washing. I like all the comments about getting different colors of covers. I think I will try that. I did however buy an extra white cover when I bought the sofa. It’s still in the box. My one little peeve with the bleiking white covers is that they are so tough that everything with any nap to it snags on the fabric and I am always picking lint off of it. I love throws, but have found that I have to stick with neutral ones, as the red and the blue one that I bought shed on the couch like crazy. Do you have that problem? I would have thought that dirt woulc be the problem with the white covers, but dirt is a breeze to deal with; it’s the lint from other fabrics that I have trouble with, even after washing them repeatedly. Anyway, it’s something I can live with and I now only use neutral throws for daily wear band use the colored ones for Christmas and just deal with the lint. After a little while that doesn’t bother me much either. And when people come over, I always find myself quickly giving the couches a once over and thinking I should have cleaned such and such a spot, but honestly NO ONE ever notices any dirt, fuzz or spots on the sofa. They just look at those beautiful babies and say Wow! How do you keep those couches so clean? ; ) Thanks for this review. I agree with everything.

Thank you for posting this review. My sofa is getting very long in the tooth and we have been thinking about buying the Ektorp from IKEA. The weight and slightly shorter length is a bonus for us! I have no problem with white covers. I have had them for years. A houseful of children, dog and countless cats during that time taught me how useful white cotton covers were. Take them off and into the washer they go! Both hubs and I are both in our 60s but we love the look of this range. Very classic, doesn’t age. Thanks again for the review. Definitely convinced me that it is a great buy! I also love the price for extra covers.

dear liz, i just discovered your blog and it’s beautiful. thank you for sending it out into the world! regarding the ikea slipcovered furniture, you may not know that there is a firm in sweden (established by an american lady) which creates slipcovers for many, many pieces of ikea furniture. it’s called you just fill in the ikea name of the furniture item, and then there is a visualizer so you can see each of the many fabrics (heaps! patterns and plains) as if they’re on that furniture. so far i’ve purchased a badalen headboard cover. it arrived promptly (all the way to australia) and the quality is good. more pros = they send free fabric samples AND will make up slipcovers for many of ikea’s discontinued pieces as well.

How to Easily Remove Wrinkles from Ikea Slipcovers Recently I picked up a new Slipcover for my Ikea Ektorp Sofa. I know I’m not the only one that has this sofa, since I’ve seen it many times all over blogland and Pinterest too. The sofa is well priced, goes with everything, can be changed out …

Hi Liz, love,love,love your style and Blog! As you know from being a blogger the world is full of negative and insensitive people. Thankfully however there are also as many that are caring and encouraging. I try to always work on being the latter. My husband and I are in our 60’s and purchased the IKEA sofa in white last year and I love it!! We keep our only grandchild who is a VERY busy energetic 3 year old girl. We also have two very spoiled Shih Ztu’s. I so loved the sofa that I wanted to purchase a second before Christmas to provide additional seating. But……waited to late for delivery before Christmas so I located a used one on Craiglist. This sofa fell out of our truck onto the side of the road TWICE on the way home. (We finally tied it down after the second fall….who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks LOL) when we got it home the cover was grass stained and had road marks all over it and thread bare corners. Threw it in the wash with Oxyclean stain remover and it came completely CLEAN!! Flying out of the back of the truck did bend a bar in the frame and my hubby fixed that! I ordered the white covers immediately and they arrived on Christmas Eve!!! I would love to send you a picture. PS This gave us one of the best stories to share at Christmas. I pray for you and your sweet hubby to be blessed with the family you so desire.

While I do not have an Ektorp I have had a 3 seater Stockholm for about 7 years. I have put new covers on it for 149.00, so easy and gives you a totally new sofa, while we do not have children here either we do have 2 Labradors and 4 cats who love this sofa. Best purchase we ever made, IKEA is great, they think about how life really is and design their products for it.

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