recliner sofa chair 3

recliner sofa chair 3
image recliner sofa chair 3
image recliner sofa chair 3

Take comfort to new levels in your home with power recliners. You’ll love Ashley HomeStore’s incredible selection of electric recliners, power reclining sofas and loveseats. A reclining chair, loveseat or sofa with power options gives you and your guests the ability to easily find the perfect setting for ultimate comfort. In addition to flexibility, power recliners and oversized power recliners can easily be used in place of sofas and loveseats. You can add as many electric recliner chairs to your living space as you want, or mix in a power reclining sofa or loveseat. Most power reclining sofas have reclining seats on each end. Power recliner loveseats with center consoles are convenient because they provide cup holders and storage space. Not only do power recliners provide exceptional comfort, they are also stylish additions to any room. From chenille and faux leather to leather and microfiber, different fabrics give power recliners distinguished style. Need a recliner that marries both form and function? Consider a lift recliner. Lift chairs are designed to give you an easy boost when getting up or sitting down. The lift and tilt function built into power lift recliners raises and tilts the seat, and for someone who experiences difficulty or pain when trying to get out of a chair, a lift chair recliner is a dream come true.

So a month or so ago we bought this pretty red microfiber recliner for my wife from a local furniture company which she liked a lot. Then I started looking for one for me. After much research I came up with this brown Best Choice Massage Recliner. Mine has features hers doesn't have: cup holders, massage, swivel, higher back (I'm taller). Wife tries it out and likes it better. She swipped (swapped) mine for hers. Now the only time I get to sit in the brown massage swivel recliner is when she is out of the room! I wish I could trade her red microfiber for another Best Choice.

This took about 10 minutes to get out of the box, and about 7 minutes to put together. I did it by myself. It's literally four pieces: the top, the bottom, the power cord, and the controller. No tools necessary whatsoever (except maybe scissors to get through the tape). The top just "slides" into some slots on the bottom and snaps into place. As others have said, it takes quite a bit of strength to push in the footrest. We usually just leave it up 24/7. I "straddle" the chair to sit down so that I don't have to deal with it, and don't mind too much. The massage feature is vibration only. I don't care for it too much, and don't find it that relaxing. It's also kind of loud. You can hear it from across the room. For some reason I'd expected to have the option of the "kneading" feature you get in the massage chairs at the mall and at nail salons--not for this price, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, it's better than not having any massage features at all, and I do use it once every few days, but it's just not what I'd expected. The chair is not long enough for my boyfriend, who is 6'4". He *can* sit in it, obviously, but not comfortably. I am 5'8" and 185 lbs and need a pillow behind my lower back to be comfortable in it, as it provides no lumbar support at my height. The heat feature is very nice to have. Just so you know, it's only on the back of the chair, not the seat or the feet. And there are not multiple settings for it--just on or off. And it gets *hot* if you leave it on for awhile. I really like "pre-heating" the chair before sitting down, especially when it's cold. Then you can tuck the cord back in inside of the chair (there is a Velcro flap in the back bottom of the chair for this purpose) and spin around 360 degrees to your heart's content. Our biggest complaint about this chair, is that there is very little cushioning in the back. Granted, we're 220 and 185 lbs, but still. We can feel the steel bars digging into our back when we lay back in it--I guess they had a hard time finding a middle ground between cushioning and implementing the massage/heat feature. I always have to have a pillow behind my lower back, and if I'm going to be in the chair for awhile, I usually fold a blanket and put it behind my back. Overall, I am happy with my purchase for the price. I would recommend this as a "starter" luxury chair, until you can save up to buy a better one in a year or two.

Best Choice Products presents this brand new massage leather recliner. Relax in this premium massage chair without compromising style. Made of PU leather, it has all the appeal of a leather chair with the added bonus of easy cleanup. It features armrests with cup holders on both sides, 4 pockets to store away items, leg rests, and easy reclining. Get a full body massage by plugging in the ergonomic leather chair into an outlet. Use the attached control and select one of the 5 different modes for your full body massage in the comfort of your own home. Different vibrators in the reclining chair target the upper-back, lower-back, thighs, and legs. Switch the intensity from high to low and activate the heater to warm your back and thighs. Reward your body with a full body massage from the comfort of your home.

For the price you get an abundance of features, swivel, rocker, recliner, massage with multiple settings + heat, cup holders, even pockets all around. The heat only works with massage on. I would prefer the heat independent. I find the PU leather to be soft, comfortable, & easy to clean. As a 5'8'' male, I fit this chair ideally. 6'ers may want to look for other options. The recline option is a flip switch not a handle. So it's all leg power to return from recline to chair. This does require effort, I'm betting it gets easier with time as the product 'settles in'. Some assembly is required. I was able to do it alone. It required no tools. I recommend placing the base seat where you want, then attach the back, rather than move the entire product, particularly if alone. I've only had this item a few weeks but I've enjoyed it completely thus far. If it only lasts a couple years I find the price point low enough to warrant a new one. Although initial quality leads me to believe I should get many years. We shall see.

So far the chair has proven to be a good value. It's comfortable with a number of features. This is a glider recliner with 360 swivel. It also has a massage feature. The massage feature does provide some light comfort and soothing but don't expect a deep tissue massage. It won't replace a masseuse but it is an extra option that you wont find on other chairs in this price point. I found the styling to be sufficient. It's simple but updated in appearance. It's styled subtly enough to fit with different furniture schemes from traditional to contemporary. It has a soft leather like material that I find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The only con is after you've been seated in the chair for a while there isn't sufficient padding that blocks you from feeling the massage elements directly underneath you. If you place a bony body part, like an ankle when you sit on your foot, it is quite uncomfortable. I do believe that can be circumvented by adding a pillow or some padding. This prices out at about 150 cheaper than similar recliners of this nature across different retailers. I'm not sure about the overall durability but I wouldn't be too upset if I had to replace it in a few years.

No home is complete without a sofa. Whether your style is modern, sophisticated or all about home- entertainment, the sofa you choose defines your space. That’s why La-Z-Boy offers sofa sets in so many shapes, styles and sizes. Not to mention over 900 fabric and leather choices that let you customize every detail.

Chair purchased as early holiday gift for my mom. The chair in its basic mode is great, turn on the heat and massager its pretty awesome. The heat is focused mainly in the lumbar area and there is full body massage options from upper back to calves. Now its not the best masage function in the world but if thats important to you then you will need to tack on a few more greenbacks to the price. Main issue as mentioned in other reviews is it is difficult to push back the leg rest its not that the leg rest is heavy its just hard to get it to click close have had to use hand to push it back. One other issue my mom has had the chair doesnt stay in a natural reclined position it relies on body weight, so it takes some effort on her part to be in the fully reclined position' but she is only 5' about 150lb. I didnt have any issues but im about 5'9 and have a good 100lbs on her. Overall still a nice chair for the price.

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